Whale Watching & Sea Kayaking Friday Harbor

One more quick Whale Watching update. I ran into a fellow captain "Hobbes" yesterday, and he mentioned that he ran into a couple of Transient Killer Whales this past Saturday when out on the water. His sighting was not reported on any sighting networks, but it was firm sighting. Lots of whales in the area. Typically this time of the year our Whale Watching Tour from Roche Harbor focuses more on general wildlife, however next weekend's trip will spend some significant time in areas where Transient Killer Whales can be found. This would be where their prey are found, so we'll be heading to Harbor Seal and Stellar Sea Lion haul out areas, as well as Dalls and Harbor Porpoise feeding areas. To learn more about Transient Killer Whales and Resident Killer Whales, visit www.whaleresearch.com. We will begin publishing wildlife pages on our site, but until then The Center for Whale Research is a great place to learn about Killer Whales.