M/V Sea Hawk | June 26th, 2019 | Naturalist Alexandria | 12PM


What a beautiful day we had on on the water today! As we were leaving the dock captain Sarah and myself were excited for what the day had in store. 


We had already received reports of numerous biggest killer whale families in the area which is something that is always ideal and exciting when we’re leaving the dock!



We boarded M/V Seahawk, and headed out of Roche Harbor, passing by Pearl Island on our way out into Spieden Channel. We decided to go straight to where the whales were because they were swimming north and we wanted to make sure that we got everyone over to these amazing animals!


We got some amazing looks at T77A, and 23 year old male Biggs Killer Whale. He is often known to travel on his own, but today he was spotted with a few different families! Many times he was less than 100 yards away from the other family, which allowed us some fantastic looks at this individual as well as the other orcas in our area!



We were lucky to stay with these whales 

for a fantastic chunk of time, watching their fun behaviors and enjoying a beautiful time on the water! 


After spending a nice amount of time with these animals we knew it was time to head back to Roche Harbor but before we headed back we stopped by Spieden Island to see what more wildlife we could find! 


We got some amazing looks at Fallow Deer on the hillside as we were passing Spieden Island, and some harbor seals hauled out on the shoreline! It was a beautiful trip! 


Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria