Today we left Roche Harbor at noon with a nice breeze and overcast day which is great for viewing wildlife because there is no glare from the sun on the water.  We headed out Mosquito pass towards reports of whales around American Camp.  On our way out to Haro Strait we saw an adult bald eagle in flight.  We traveled down the West Side of San Juan Island past Lime Kiln State Park.  Thankfully the whales were moving North so we met with them at False Bay.  We first spotted J2 (Granny) heading North and leading the group, as she usually does.  These animals live in Matriarchal societies so the oldest female in the dominant member of the family, so wherever J2 goes the family follows.  We then saw J19 (Sachi) and J51 her new baby.  We then headed off a little offshore and saw L87 (Onyx), J2's adopted son.  We then watched some social behavior from the rest of the J2's and the J19's including tail slapping, pectoral slapping, spyhopping and even some breaching!  The whales then transitioned into a resting phase and were moving very slowly in synchronization.  We decided to leave the whales to their nap and head back towards Roche Harbor.  On our way back through Mosquito Pass we saw a harbor seal swimming through the water.  We made it back to the harbor with a happy group of people!


Naturalist Rachel

M/V Seahawk, San Juan Outfitters