Tuesday, April 1st 2008. Captain's Log. We had a great trip today!! First trip of the season with whales. It was a cold (45-50) sunny day, and we were fortunate to have a whale sighting off the west side of San Juan Island. The early report was transients. They were later identified as J-Pod (residents). The Sea Hawk is in Roche Harbor for the summer, and we had only a short trip to West Side of San Juan Island where we encountered the first group of whales. It turned out to be the J-16 family group, with J-26 traveling about 300 yards further offshore. The whales were spread almost to Discovery Island, as they moved north up Haro Strait. We were fortunate enough to get glimpses of all pod members. I spoke with Dave Ellifrit, and he and Ken Balcomb from the Center for Whale Research were on scene. When I left around 3:00pm, they had not yet found J-2. Let's hope she was just part of the offshore group that were not spotted. Also, J-43 was not easily spotted. J-40 appeared to be the oldest calf with the J-14's and J-11's. Great day. Flat, cool, and sunny.