M/V Sea Hawk- 8/20 @ 2pm

Today was a beautiful day out on the water!  As we got off the dock Captain Gabe and myself were very excited at what potential the day would hold!  We had heard reports of Transient orcas all the way into Vancouver Island, but knew that would be quite a trek!  We decided to give it a shot and the enthusiasm of our guests made it clear that this was the right choice!  Everyone was ready to be naturalists as we started our search out into the unknown Wild Wild West of Canada.

As we got closer we started actively searching, and as we arrived happened to be at the right place at the right time!  We got some amazing looks time after time as these whales surfaced!  If there was any doubt that it wasn’t worth the trek, the views of these whales we saw absolutely confirmed why we all were out on the water today!

As we were heading back we were even treated to some looks at some adorable “Rock Sausages” aka Harbor Seals which were the perfect sprinkles on an already awesome day!


Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria