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    San Juan Islands ‘Island Hopper’ Family Kayak Trip

    3-day, 2-nights - Friday Harbor to Jones Island to Stuart Island to Roche Harbor
    $639 per person
    Guest ratio 5 to 1
    San Juan Islands 'Island Hopper' Family Kayak Trip Route Map - click here

    Many of our guides are professional educators with primary school experience and love working with children.  Our family friendly guides are just one way San Juan Outfitters sets itself apart in conducting the highest quality tours.

    The San Juan Islands Island Hopper 3-day Family Kayak Tour is designed to provide guests the most diverse kayaking and wildlife experience available in the San Juan Islands.  This 3-day kayak vacation departs from Friday Harbor and finishes in Roche Harbor. It visits several state parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and other unique stops along the way.  

    This tour is point to point, which means that it does not repeat any terrain during the tour. Guests of all kayaking ability levels are welcome. 

    If you are looking for a unique wilderness kayaking experience, this is the ideal trip for you.  This route features camping at two different state parks on Stuart Island and Jones Island and visits miles of undeveloped shoreline along the east side of San Juan Island.

    This kayak route is designed for lots of optional stops and hikes with opportunities for exploring and tide-pooling.

    San Juan Islands ‘Island Hopper’ Family Kayak Trip - DAY 1

    Guests will meet at our private sea kayak facility, located at the Port of Friday Harbor at 9:00 am.  Guests will pack into dry bags and check any baggage with San Juan Outfitters staff.  Packing the kayaks and the safety orientation takes about an hour.  Our planned departure time is 10:00 am.

    This tour heads north along the east side of San Juan Island. The land right outside Friday Harbor is owned by the University of Washington Marine Laboratories, (locally called “The Labs”). This acreage is one of the largest undeveloped shorelines in all of San Juan County.

    As we head north, the tour will cross San Juan Channel to a group of small islands known as The Wasp Islands.  The Wasp Islands consist of some Department of Natural Resource (DNR) land, some state park land, and some private land. The Nature Conservancy also owns a small island in this area, called Yellow Island. Lunch is usually enjoyed on one of the Wasp Islands.

    The next stop is Jones Island State Park, which is located northeast of San Juan Island and southwest of Orcas Island. This park is one of the lesser used, but more scenic parks in San Juan County, which makes it a perfect camping location.  A freshly prepared dinner is served between 6 and 7 pm.  Before and after dinner, you will have the opportunity to relax or explore the hiking trails around Jones Island.

    San Juan Islands 'Island Hoppe'r Family Kayak Trip - Day 2

    Following breakfast at 8:00 am, we will push off the beach heading northwest crossing San Juan Channel towards Spieden Island. This will put us en route to Stuart Island.  Depending on winds, weather and tides, this route may pass along the southern or northern shore of Spieden Island.

    Spieden Island is considered one of the most unique islands in the San Juan Islands.  It is inhabited by many native and non-native species of wildlife. We may see Mouflon Sheep from Corsica, native Black Tailed Deer, Fallow Deer from Europe, and Sitka Deer from Asia.

    Lunch will be served on either John’s Island or Gossip Island.  Both islands offer secluded pebble beaches looking out over the Olympic Mountains and the Canadian Coast Mountains.  After refueling, we will continue through the waters separating John’s Island and Stuart Island towards Prevost Harbor. This harbor is our destination for the second night of our wilderness kayaking expedition.

    Prevost Harbor is the more remote of the two natural harbors on Stuart Island.  The campsite has great access to hiking trails. The trails meander through our beautiful Coastal Forest Habitat consisting of Western Red Cedars, Western Hemlock, Douglas Firs, and Madrone trees. .

    San Juan Islands' Island Hopper' Family Kayak Trip - Day 3

    Following a fresh and filling breakfast we will break down camp and brief about the final day of paddling to Roche Harbor. Our preferred route departs from Prevost Harbor and heads northwest towards Turn Point Lighthouse via Boundary Pass, which separates the U.S. San Juan Islands from the Canadian Gulf Islands.

    The undeveloped shoreline features rugged sea cliffs, kelp forests, and a great deal of wildlife.  Rounding Turn Point and heading south, the group will be paddling at the junction of Boundary Pass and Haro Strait, which is another spectacular vista in the region. 

    We will break for lunch on the west side of Stuart Island overlooking Haro Strait and the Olympic Mountains.  After lunch we will continue paddling through Haro Strait towards our final destination. 

    At low tide, the intertidal zone is a favorite for kids.  Tide-pooling is a memory maker as it is a hands-on experience.

    This final day of sea kayaking provides guests the best opportunity to encounter Orca Whales, also known as Killer Whales.  Boundary Pass and Haro Strait are the waterways we most frequently see killer whales. While we consider seeing Orca Whales a bonus on these tours, this is the day we are likely to see whales. Kayaking with killer whales is a once- in- a- lifetime experience.

    Our final day will finish as we paddle into Roche Harbor, via Spieden Channel or Mosquito Pass, between 2:00 – 4:00 pm.  Our shore-side staff will have your checked luggage ready. 

    San Juan Islands 'Island Hopper' Family Kayak Trip - Overview

    •Kayak 6 to 12 miles per day
    •Start in Friday Harbor, finish in Roche Harbor
    •Kayak lesser seen east side of San Juan Island
    •Kayak the Wasp Island Group
    •Camp on Stuart Island
    • See undeveloped shorelines, rugged sea cliffs, kelp forests, & wildlife
    •Kayak known orca territory
    •Sunset – paddling, hike or hang out in camp.
    •San Juan Island, Wasp Islands, Jones Island, Stuart Island, Henry Island