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    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip

    2 days – 1 night - Reservation # MD2.1
    $379 to $439 per person, depending upon which kayak tour option you select
    Guide to Guest Ratio: 5 to 1

    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip Route Map - click here

    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip

    This is our favorite itinerary for a 2-day, kayak camping trip. It is point-to-point.
    The kayak tour departs from Friday Harbor and finishes at Roche Harbor.
    You will paddle some of the San Juan Island's most beautiful waters. This overnight kayak tour explores undeveloped shorelines.

    This kayak route puts our guests in waters where one encounters a good deal of wildlife.  See majestic Bald Eagles soaring on updrafts. Take in rafts of unusual sea birds diving and feeding. Sea birds such as Murres and Pigeon Guillemots are seen regularly. Experience Harbor Seals and sometimes their pups too! Look for the occasional River Otter, wild Mink, Porpoise or even Orca Whales.

    The kayak route never doubles back – so the shore line is always a new view.

    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip
    DAY 1

    Meet at ourprivate kayak docks in Friday Harborat 9:00 am. This is where you will meet your guides. Gear will be placed in dry bags. Luggage will be checked to San Juan Outfitters staff. By 10:00 am we are usually launching the kayaks.

    This tour heads north along the East side of San Juan Island. The land is owned by the University of Washington, (locally called “The Labs” as in marine lab studies). This acreage is one of the largest, undeveloped shorelines in all of San Juan County.

    As we head north, the tour will cross San Juan Channel.  We will kayak through the semi-remote and beautiful Wasp Island Chain (named for a ship called ‘Wasp’ – nothing to do with insects!) The Wasp Islands consist of some DNR land, some state park land, and some private land. The Nature Conservancy also owns a small island in this area.

    That island is called Yellow Island. It was named that for the proliferation of yellow flowers that bloom there in spring.  We pull our kayaks up onto that island for a hike and some background on both Yellow Island and Nature Conservancy. Lunch is usually enjoyed on one of the Wasp Islands.

    The next stop is Jones Island State Park. It is located northeast of San Juan Island, and Southwest of Orcas Island. This park is one of the lesser used but, more scenic parks in San Juan County. Since it provides the best camping and camp sites without any crowds, we will camp here both nights.
    Also, it is a great launching point for our second and third day of kayaking. You will love the views from here at sunset.

    This route not only has views of acres of undeveloped shore line, but also of Mt. Baker.  We encounter wide variety of wildlife, both marine and terrestrial on this route.

    Camp at Jones Island State Park - 188 acres with 25,000 feet of shore line. Some very tame dear call this home. Hike the 4 mile trail.

    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip
    DAY 2

    Kayak in the best Killer Whale Habitat ( including the proposed Killer Whale Sanctuary on the West Side of San Juan Island and Henry Island).We will be kayaking in Haro Strait (locals call ‘The Orca Highway’.)

    We are frequently visited, as we paddle, by Harbor Seals, Dalls Porpoise and Harbor Porpoise, as well as hundreds of unusual marine birds. We will also take the time to discover the intertidal zone and the diverse invertebrate life it supports (sea stars, anemones, urchins and more).

    The tour will take you on an exploration of the west side of San Juan Island.  These waters are scenic and at times feel quite remote. It is common to see Orca Whales while kayaking during this day.

    San Juan Island Overnight Kayak Trip Overview

    • Kayak east side, semi-remote part of San Juan Island
    • Kayak  7-10 miles of mostly undeveloped shoreline daily
    • Lunch on one of the Wasp Islands (no insects!)
    • Encounter great variety of wildlife, both marine and terrestrial
    • Camp at Jones Island State Park
    • Kayak in the best Killer Whale waters, including the proposed Killer Whale Sanctuary
    • San Juan Island, Wasp Islands including Yellow Island, Jones Island, Spieden Island, Henry Island