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Hi Aileen,
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip!!!! You were AWESOME! Tell your boss I said you deserve a raise :D. How many kayaking guides will actually herd deer to their clients! Thanks again, Robin

Hi Brian,
I'm now back in Australia. I just wanted to write and say what a great time I had on the tour. Everything was organized well and I certainly appreciate the extra level of service - picking us up from the guest house before the tour, and even getting a toothbrush for me(!). Aileen was a great guide, friendly and knowledgeable. I'll certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thanks. Davin - Australia

Dear Aileen,
It has been a pleasure to work with Brian, Noelle and yourself from our initial phone call through the conclusion of our kayak trip. Ruby and I can't thank you enough for showing us such a great time. We have traveled extensively and this San Juan vacation will be remembered as one of our very best ever. Certainly our kayak trip with you today was the highlight of our vacation to San Juans. The beauty and magic of the sights and sounds were matched only by your knowledge, professionalism and adorable personality. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. We will spread the word of San Juan Outfitters to all of our friends in Miami and elsewhere and look forward to coming back to visit you soon. Harris & Ruby - Miami, FL

Hi Brian,
Andrew, Matt, and I want to thank you for putting together a great trip for us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved seeing your part of the world. It was beautiful! Blake and Tim could not have been more accommodating and were wonderful guides. They were very knowledgeable and willing to share their information about the San Juans. Please pass this information along to them as well as the pictures and thank them again for us. The food was very tasty and healthy on this trip. Thanks goes to your wife, Rachel for putting together such wonderful meals. We saw some wonderful wildlife. Our only regret was not seeing Orcas breaching right next to our kayaks. Thank you again for taking care of us and providing some great memories for life. Best, Dennis, Matt & Andrew

We will never forget that trip although it was a short 4 days vacation travelling several 1000 km´s forth and back. The planning of the trip was excellent and the experience of the wonderful nature was fantastic. The wildlife unseen in Denmark and our neighbor waters, though we are happy about no being there in high season with to many boats on the water. Our 2 guides were the kindest and most clever acquaintances long seen and not met before. They made wonderful food, participated when needed in the social life and were in the background when the group needed it . They did all the boring work like dishwashing, etc. And you couldn't have met more pleasant people than Blake and Joe. Rachel's food .... We cant explain how impressed we were about her planning and "love"! Denmark

A whale of a trip!
Wow was this a great experience! We had wanted to go out with one of their competitors which Trip Advisor ratings had highly recommended but the captain of the boat was "off island" as we had arrived toward the end of their season (after Labor Day).

These guys really gave us a good show. The owner, Brian, took us out and what would normally be a 3 hour whale watch trip turned into a 4 1/2 hour trip because he wanted to travel to the most likely place where the whales would be and it was over an hour and a half away. Must have cost him a mint for gas. Boy, did we see some whales! They were all around and it was fantastic. We also enjoyed the variety of people on board - several states represented and Noel, the first mate, made us all feel very welcome and took good care of us. A great end to a wonderful few days in the San Juans. Portland, OR

Perhaps San Juan Island's BEST kayak outfitter
I have gone on a San Juan Outfitter's kayak tour on each of my yearly trips to the San Juan Islands. Their guides are top-notch and knowledgeable. Their kayaks are stable and well maintained. Even though I have been on both their 3-hour and 5-hour tours I am never disappointed and return refreshed and exhilarated. I was a complete kayak novice the first time I put out with San Juan Outfitters. I have since purchased my own kayak and would consider myself a fairly qualified kayaker. But when I go to the San Juans I leave my 'yak at home and just go out with them. Seattle, WA

Friendly, Informative & a lot of fun!
Customer service was wonderful. My family of five enjoyed renting the hourly kayak. We cruised around Roche Harbor enjoying the new experience. We rented 2 doubles and a single. Our kids ages 6, 7, and 12 had a wonderful time. We even had the added enjoyment of seeing a harbor seal playing in the water nearby. Seattle, WA

Brian is a masterful kayak guide, a patient kayak instructor and a superior manager of people. If someone were coming to the Pacific Northwest for sea kayaking-they would be crazy to go with anyone other than San Juan Outfitters.
Bill Wright and Colleen Johansen, owners of San Juan Safaris