There are few sunsets that rival what you’ll see on our Sunset Kayak Tour.

This tour combines our regular wildlife tour by kayak with the added bonus of an incredible sunset over the Canadian Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Sunset kayak tours are a photographers dream come true.

The pace for these tours is a little slower than our normal 3-hour wildlife tour by kayak. Even with the more subdued pace, guests have the same opportunities to view the wildlife typically seen on any of our 3-hour kayak tours. We usually see bald eagles, harbor seals, sea birds, sea stars and a variety of tidepool animals.

The biggest draw to the sunset kayak tour is definitely the quiet waters. Fewer boats are out at this time of day. In addition, there are magnificent views during sunset here in the San Juans. 

A staff favorite, sunset kayak tours are unforgetable!

San Juan Island Sunset Sea Kayak Tour

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Experience some of the best sunsets around from the San Juan Islands!