For the 2022 season, we will continue to follow all safety directives and best practices put out by government and health organizations. We are working hard to ensure that our guests and staff will feel at ease when joining or leading any of our tours. Along with additional and enhanced health and hygiene measures, all our tours have the benefit of taking place in, or having access to, open-air spaces. Wind, fresh air, and sunshine all work in our favor to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.  

If you do not see your question or concern below, please reach out to our team. We want to make sure each and every one of our guests feels safe aboard our vessels and padding our kayaks. 

Since the situation, recommendations, and mandates are constantly evolving, we will continue to update processes and procedures as necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 


What will San Juan Safaris & Outfitters do for social distancing? 

  • We are decreasing the number of people on kayak tours to eight-ten guests. 
  • Clear signage will be posed in all offices and on vessels asking passengers to maintain good social distance. 
  • We will be moving to a “touchless” check in process and e-waivers when possible. 

What sanitary measures are San Juan Safaris & Outfitters taking? 

  •  Increased availability of hand sanitizer. You will find hand sanitizer on all vessels and in the entrance to our Friday Harbor office and Roche Harbor dock. All guides will carry hand sanitizer on their person during tours. 
  • In addition to regular cleaning practices already in place, we will be disinfecting all hard surfaces routinely in offices and before and after tours for all vessels and kayak and camping gear.
  • Overnight tours will have increased sanitation standards for cooking in the field on top of the strict protocols in place. All overnight employees carry WA State Food Handler cards. 
  • Overnight guests will be asked to provide their own sleeping kit (sleeping bag, pillow, and sleeping pad). Any sleeping kits rented will be properly laundered after each use.  
  • Transport vans will be disinfected between all uses and cleaning agents kept on hand in the van. ​​

What screening measures is San Juan Safaris & Outfitters taking? 

  • Staff are encouraged to stay home when feeling ill. Staff will be required to stay home if they exhibit symptoms or are known to have had close contact with a person who has COVID within a 14-day period prior to a shift. 
  • We reserve the right to decline service to any guest exhibiting symptoms or are known to have had close contact with a person who has COVID within a 14-day period prior to tour. 
  • If a staff member or guest develops symptoms during a tour, we will isolate and evacuate of that person if possible.  
  • Symptoms include, but are not limited to: fever, cough, and shortness of breath 

Will I need to wear a mask?  

  •  ​San Juan Safaris and Outfitters will follow any regulations put out by the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Department of Health, and Washington State regarding mask use. 
  • Please continue to check our policies on mask use as they are likely to change. 

What if I do not know my travel date, but want to support San Juan Safaris & Outfitters? 


Gift certificates are available for purchase and do not expire. As a small family owned business, supporting us with a gift certificate helps us tremendously. To inquire about gift certificates, please email us at 


What if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or come into contact with someone who may have COVID-19, before a tour or unable to travel due to restrictions in my state or county?  


While we already have very friendly cancelation periods on day tours (1-4 passengers 48hrs, 5-9 passengers 10 days, 10+ passengers 30 days), we understand that you may need to cancel last minute for the safety of yourself, our staff, and other guests. Should you have to cancel your day tour inside your party’s cancelation period for health concerns you will receive a tour voucher that holds its value and can be used in any operating season or a refund of up to 50% of monies paid.


Covid cancellations on charters and overnight tours will be eligable for voucher only.


What information are you basing polices on and where are you finding it? 


We use information from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and Department of Health to give us the most accurate information on Coronavirus and COVID-19. As an industry, the Pacific Whale Watch Association and Washington Kayak Association has also been in contact with state representatives and county health officials. We have also partnered with other industry professionals to provide a united front on procedures and work together to find the best path forward. 


The following are helpful links on COVID-19 for planning and considering your trip to Washington State